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Facebook Groups – Who Can See my Posts?

What can your Facebook Friends see when you post in a Facebook group?


If you are a member of a Facebook group, you might be wondering exactly who can see when you make a post or comment in that group. Can your boss see everything you post in that group for people trying to get new jobs? Can your cousin see you are trying to sell the itchy sweater she made you for your birthday in a Buy and Sell Group?

There are three different privacy settings for Facebook Groups and you will definitely want to check each group that you are a member of before you start posting or commenting.

The first level is an OPEN group, this group and the contents can be seen by absolutely everyone, whether they are your friend or not. This is a public group – your creepy ex, your nosy neighbour and some dude in Australia can see what you post in this group. Proceed with caution when posting in public groups, what you post in here can show up in your friends’ newsfeed and their sidebar.

The second level is a CLOSED group, only members of the group can see your posts and comments. If your boss and/or nosy neighbour are in the group, they can see your posts, if they are not, they will not see your posts. However, people can see if you are a member of a closed group. So if you are in a group called People Who Hate Working at Acme Co., your boss can see that you are a member but unless she joins the group, she cannot see your posts.

The third level is a SECRET group, this is as locked down as Facebook Groups get – unless you are in the group, people cannot see the group or what you post. However (and there always is one), if a group admin invites your undesired acquaintance in, then she can see all of your posts.  Continue Reading