Welcome to my new blog, I’m happy to have you here! I’ve started and stopped this blog a few times in the past year, but I don’t think I was truly ready to publish and share with the world. This time feels right.

I want to do a few different things with this blog and although I am sure it will change in the future, this is the roadmap as I currently see it:


I have been living and breathing tarot for the last almost year and I want to have a place to document my findings, discuss with others and eventually read for other people. Tarot has been an amazing tool for self reflection for me and as I continue to learn more (and more and more!) I would really like to share that tool with other people.


I have a book problem, they surround me. It will probably take me 15 years to read all of the books I have. There are so many fabulous books out there and I would love to read, share my thoughts and get other’s input to expand our knowledge. I have vowed to my sister that I will not buy any more books until 2016 with the exception of Brene Brown and Elizabeth Gilbert’s new books.

Journal Prompts

I love to journal (currently using a Baron Fig Confidante) as it helps me process so much stuff. Journal prompts are fun and I hope to create monthly prompts to help others journal about the serious and not so serious stuff of life. I also like to art journal when I am feeling crafty and the prompts can definitely be used for art journaling.

Documenting my Story

Above all, this blog will be documenting my story and journey through life. Documenting my health issues (Hashimoto’s and Meniere’s), my journey to getting stronger and of course, emotional and spiritual changes.

Intuitive Messages

Some people call this channeling, others call it messages from their Angels,  Spirit Guides or Source. This is when you get a message with the instruction to share. I love these messages (usually from my Guides) and I will share them with love here.


I’ve always wanted to create guided meditations and hopefully this is the ideal place to share them.

I hope you enjoy your time here and make sure to subscribe to get updates so you never miss a post!