August Intentions

August is an emotional month for us. Last August my sister was hospitalized, put in an induced coma, almost died and delivered her wee baby, who was not strong enough to live through the trauma.  It’s a bittersweet anniversary, she is still with us and recovering well, but her grief is overwhelming for her.

Since August is such a triggering month, it seems the ideal month to begin to blog in ernest. I am participating in Michele Bergh’s Inspired Blog Challenge and my goal is publish 5 posts a week.

August 1, 2013

This where I stand today. This photo was taken from a prompt in a self portraiture class I am taking in August called Be Your Own Beloved. I am really looking forward to the class and hope to share many of the photos here. It feels quite daring (read: uncomfortable) to do self portraiture, which is why I need to do it. I want to be my own beloved.

Gentle exercise is the goal for the month, lots of yoga, walking and swimming. The Yoga For Inflexible People (affiliate link) dvd has been a wonderful way to get my non-pretzel body used to moving in new ways.

A short family holiday will hopefully be the highlight of the month. We are all excited and I am trying to overcome my bee phobia enough to enjoy nature.

I am researching a new spiritual awakening that seems to be occurring inside of me (key word being spirit), but don’t feel brave or daring enough to share yet.

Finishing up the last couple of weeks of Inner Moves with Maureen Clancy, we are reigning in our “I’m Not Good Enough” parts. It feels so good not to have to be a slave to my little troll-like critic all the time. Can’t wait to see where this works goes.

Developing rituals and routines so everything can get done, especially as school starts next month. I want mornings to be more peaceful for all of us this year.

Being kind and gentle to myself and my family.

What are your plans for August?



  1. Misha says

    Brave, honest post, Christie. Thanks for the links – the class sounds like just the thing for me, too, and I was JUST looking for a good yoga dvd yesterday. See you around in Michele’s Be Inspired blog forum!

    • Christie says

      Thanks for visiting Misha, the class is still open if you are interested. The dvd is very basic, but it’s perfect for my needs and my back and hips are much happier. See you in the forum! :)

  2. Deborah Weber says

    What a lovely post Christie – and welcome to the blogging world. Love your boots photo -and all the ways you’re taking care of yourself and doing some deep inner exploration and work as well. May August unfold in gentle perfectness for you.

    I’ve dubbed this my summer of exponential self-love and my intention is to continue on that path during August.

    • Christie says

      Thanks for the warm welcome Deborah and kind words. I am enjoying your self-love posts immensely and have added your blog to my reader :)

  3. Michele Bergh says

    Love the plans you made for August! I can’t believe it’s over already – it went so fast. My plans were to spend time enjoying life, having fun and doing it both alone and with people I love. And that’s what I did :)

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