Peeling the Onion

I’ve been feeling really good for the past few weeks, like I am finally getting my emotional/spiritual shit together. “Aha! I have turned a corner and all of my hard work is paying off!” I thought with exuberance.

Well, that feeling was fun while it lasted. Other people, more seasoned travellers on this road, have said that this journey is like peeling layers of an onion. Just when you think you have a nice, smooth surface, you find another level to go down.

Or maybe we are spiritual matryoshka dolls, the beautiful Russian nesting dolls.

DGJ_4705 - Russian Matryoshka

The good news is, every time we peel a layer, we remove some baggage, and our “issues” get smaller.

Currently I am realizing I have more work to do, more hard work. Work that is necessary for growth, for spiritual fulfillment, for happiness. But the work is no longer overwhelming, in fact, some of it is exciting.

The reward is now sweet enough to make the hard work worth while. In the beginning of the process, two years ago, the work was harder and the reward was iffy. I was feeling for the first time in 20 years, and there was a reason I didn’t want to feel my emotions.

Instead of a giant, numb sweet onion, I am now a cooking onion. One day I will be a pearl onion. Or a little baby matryoshka.


  1. Leanne Chesser says

    This is so true! We’re always learning. I can totally relate to the onion. And I’ve had times when I thought I was done learning and healing in a particular area, only to find more layers to peel :).

  2. Naomi says

    I wonder if we’re ever truly “done” or “healed.” I do like your analogy of layers getting peeled away. As long as we are gentle, we’ll get there.

    • Christie says

      Thanks for visiting Naomi, I think you are right, we are never truly done, and if we are, it is time to move on. Gentle is key, but so hard to remember in the moment. :)

  3. Deborah Weber says

    Oh how I love that image Christie – of being spiritual matryoshka dolls! Sending you love and gentle encouragement as you continue on your path. I think it’s a life-long journey – jettisoning all that stuff that wraps us tightly and keep us from shining our light purely, clearly, widely. But when we get all those layers peeled, how bright we’ll certainly be.

    • Christie says

      Thank you Deborah. A matryoshka doll certainly feels nicer than being an onion :) It’s amazing how we, as adults, can spend our lives shedding our layers we put on to protect ourselves, when as children we were pure light.

  4. Marilyn says

    The layers never end. In my experience we are on an ever unfurling spiral, revisiting parts of ourselves each time we come around the spiral but with more consciousness as we grow and change.

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