I am a beginning sewist (which my computer just autocorrected to sexist) / sewer / seamstress / whatever you want to call it. I am pretty terrible at it right now, but I love it and know in time I will get better.

My goal for 2017 is to sew a lot, to replace the majority of our family’s cheaply made, sweatshop-creating, ill fitting clothes with handmade ones. The goal will have us in more flattering and more comfortable garments, put my money where my mouth is in terms of third world labour, and provide a relaxing hobby for myself.

I’m a chunky, apple shaped person, with very short legs so I look forward to actually learning how to find clothes that flatter me.

My daughter is sensitive, doesn’t like waist bands, pants or anything tight, so I am excited to create her fashionable outfits that she can feel good in.

My husband is just coming along for the ride, although he is quite picky about underwear which will be one of my first makes.

I am hoping Santa brings me a serger for Christmas and I can start whipping up knits in no time.


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